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I know that sounds ludicrous but wavepools full of tech billionaires and F1 racers was just as bizarre scant years ago. In our support of LGBTQ athletes, we need to be aware that there was and still is an effort to silence and make invisible LGBTQ folks from the past and women who have fought to make change across history. Adam says it's something that might take some time to change. Among the stories heard are that of former competitive surfer Susie Hernandez, whose fellow surfers and roommates moved out after finding out she was gay. Navigate our site. The marketing of surfing is also markedly heterosexual.

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Thomas says part of the problem is that the default assumption by many surfers that everyone is straight which makes it difficult for gay surfers to feel comfortable coming out.

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The taboo of being a gay surfer. Countries have exclusive economic and territorial zones extending out from their shores. Maybe a Nobel peace prize could be in the offing if he solves the Opioid Crisis.

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They made repeated attempts to contact star surfer Kelly Slater — who has spoken in the past about suicide awareness, and showed support for the charity Surfers Against Suicide — but were unsuccessful.

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