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Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. Dare I hope for a follow-up on gays who have had afternoon tea with the Queen of England? Tea time, of course! It brought with it the tea dance phenomenon, which is slowly dying out and is nothing of its former self and in may places is all but gone. The idea that there was a drag show at the mob owned Stonewall in is just silly. Lets not let tea dance die again in Boston! The Judy Garland myth was started by heterosexual reporters to explain why the queers were so angry.

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Sylvia was nodding out in Tompkins Sq.

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Mighty Party - Sunday Gay Tea Dance

That is pretty freakin awesome being that it is the NORM for any club straight or gay. Next time in Ft. OMG, do you remember me? I remember vaguely going in a long parade of people from La Te Da to another resort right by the ocean, what was its name? We were welcoming and fun!

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This is a great piece. Oh Denny, you are so right! L, make it a must! Oh, the fun I had. Outside on the beach with the sun the winds and of course the music. Pettigrew traces its origin to the French colonization of Morocco. In the event of a raid, gay men and lesbian women would quickly change partners to mixed-couples.

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