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She's not a transvestite, and this wasn't something she did for fun or because she felt like a man in a woman's body. Thank you for subscribing. And so on and so on. Reading her "sympathetic" descriptions of male experience was, at times, i A transphobic tirade masquerading as feminist adventure story? And if she introduces thoughts that they haven't had, that's terrific.

Well worth a read for anyone who wants to see how feminism is evolving, and for women just plain curious about how the other half lives.

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Well, thank you for taking my call. And welcome to Talk of the Nation. They don't, you know, as a guy just said to me recently, you know, you don't wanna win the pool game when the other guy scratches on the eight ball. Yeah, yeah, it was really the most terrifying moment.

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I know that is bitchy and not really true.