Openly gay teachers

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If your gay go and get your head checked out. If schools are going to lead the way on equality and diversity, all staff need to be trained to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. But more needs to be done. Do they choose it? It doesnt affect schooling for children so what does it matter! You cant choose to be gay Why should it matter who he or she likes?

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Should students learn a wide range subjects or focus a few one for future careers?

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It's not just about sacking gay teachers, the church has a long list of sinners it wants to punish

My Favorite teacher is a lesbian. Are day schools better educational insitutions than boarding schools Is school a privilege or punishment? Personally I would protect my child and say no. Being gay is learned, not innate. If you were born with one leg you would be given a prosthetic leg it's the same with gay. During the Romantic Era, in droves "lovelorn" men were committing suicide, in "fashion" with that time. Again, gays and adulterers headed the list.

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Topics Marriage equality Opinion. He took my question perfectly seriously. Teachers are there to teach, how can their sexual preference have any bearing on that? Then allow the parent to chose if they want there child to attend the class or chose anothe teacher. I wanted to know which sinners were on the forbidden list of those little Christian schools.

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