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Rod's as big of a scam artist as there ever was. Originally posted by Signal Chaser I used to watch it when I was interested in the different branches of Christianity. To watch the Crouches is an exercise in visual overstimulation. In it, the network called the allegations "salacious" and labeled Ford an ex-convict and longtime drug abuser. Seated on purple thrones like the king and queen of an alternate universe, the Crouches plead with viewers for their "seed money," reassuring them that their donations will be planted in heaven and blossom into anything they seek, from material wealth to eternal salvation.

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They get lots of exposure on their television and radio channels.

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Sinful Sex at TBN and a Motor Home for Jan Crouch's Dogs Alleged in Lawsuit

Crouch took an interest in him and within four years, Ford said, he was doing special assignments for the pastor. T rinity B roadcasting N etwork. Sep 19, Posts: Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. Crouch hopes he can weather the storm over his personal life by attempting to discredit the character of his accuser, to whom he has paid hush money, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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After Ford served a succession of prison terms, the TBN rehired him, provided him with a free apartment, and even lobbied a judge for leniency when he violated the terms of his parole. May 16, Posts: Jul 8, Posts: I just can't believe there are people who watch church on TV. At least that's how I've heard it used occasionally. May 12, Posts: While the Crouches' transmissions aren't as overtly political as those of fellow religious broadcasters like Pat Robertson and James Kennedy, they have never hesitated to rally support for old allies like Ashcroft, who attended a Pentecostal church with Paul Crouch as a boy in Missouri.

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