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Actually, the same claim you try to use to disprove the identical twin study, you than use to endorse the study trying to prove it is genetic. The website is not useless, by saying so you discard actual science accepted by the scientific community. The initial concept was suggested by J. Look up the Youtube video that deals with it. Sounds likes someone thinks their biases have more weight than the facts.

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In the common fruit fly Drosophila melanogasterthe complete pathway of sexual differentiation of the brain and the behaviors it controls is well established in both males and females, providing a concise model of biologically controlled courtship.

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Science Says: This Is Why You're Gay

The idea that sexuality is tied to biology is nothing new: European Journal of Epidemiology. Whether genetic or other physiological determinants form the basis of sexual orientation is a highly politicized issue. However, the maternal immune hypothesis has been criticized because the prevalence of the type of immune attack proposed is rare compared with the prevalence of homosexuality. Tom is just a blind follower!!! The scientific corruption surrounding the etiology of homosexuality is coming from the side of the activists. Sexual orientation and science Biology of gender Behavioural genetics.

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However, this difference was not hypothesized a priori, was not large, and was the only group difference found out of many tested. Equal protection analysis in U. The authors of the study caution that any interpretation of this finding must take into account that the group difference in brain activation between heterosexual men and homosexual men in the amygdala region is not large and that the most robust finding is that both heterosexual and homosexual men used the same areas when they reacted to sexually preferred stimuli. The older he gets the worse he gets. And I landed on this storypublished yesterday by MuslimVillage. Although the exact function of the oSDN is not fully known, its volume, length, and cell number seem to correlate with sexual orientation, and a dimorphism in its volume and of cells could bias the processing cues involved in partner selection. The biological theories reappraised".

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