Dubais customs regarding gays and lesbians

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Some tips to stay safe can easily be found online for those in a gay or unwed couple looking to travel to countries that hold such strong laws as the United Arab Emirates, with most involving advice on how to avoid suspicion, such as booking rooms with separate beds at hotels. One such case involved the kidnapping and rape of a sixteen-year-old French Swiss boy by a group of men. Police in some countries monitor websites, mobile apps, or meeting places, so be cautious connecting with the local community. My friends were at the party, and it did happen. As surprising and contradictory to what we think of the U. As a major transport hub, it's also a useful stop over for breaking up long trips.

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Instead, consensual homosexual activity is criminalized.

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Gay Dubai Guide 2019: safety tips, bars, clubs & hotels – LGBT travel Dubai

Radiological and Nuclear Incidents. The pool is a great place to relax, with live DJs playing music every Monday and Thursday. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jules on 23 November, at 4: Eleven of the men confessed to practicing homosexuality and were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for homosexuality, and an additional year for obscenity. The inclusion of the websites above on travel. The new law allows doctors to perform medical intervention on intersex people so as to "correct" their sex, effectively removing either the male or female genitalia.

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It's not as easy to just be open here as it is in the UK. Just remember, always avoid public displays of affection to be on the safe side! Because the mentality in the UAE is that homosexual men need to be deterred from homosexual activity, hormone treatments were required. National Center for Transgender Equality travel page. Remember, there is no booking fee for using our expert team to plan and book your trip.

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