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Kastor - 13 years ago my bad forgot to bold Falco. Slippy was also an amazing kisser, in fact, he was the best kisser ever. As much as Fox was enjoying the make out session with his incredibly sexy boyfriend, he knew they'd have to stop for now because breakfast time was almost over and before they had to take another shower and change the bedding again. SilentBobFan - 13 years ago Falco Lombardi is kickass man, he would be better than Fox as a pilot if only he took chances. It's just a little surprise. So what if they're gay, they're happy together, and if they're happy, I'm happy.

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He watched the two lovebirds continue eating, and saw Fox place a grape on his nose and watched as Slippy grabbed it with his froggy tongue before they started laughing.

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They didn't bother to put on their visors or anything like that, and Slippy put on his new blue cap, as he wolf whistled at how adorable and hot Fox looked in his uniform. You know what you do to me, and that sexiness of yours drives me crazy. This was his dream becoming a reality. He did jokingly say that if Fox ever got him hurt, that he'd sue Fox. He did bit problem keeping it in check when he'd see Fox stepping out of the shower in nothing but a towel and grinning, and petting him on the shoulder before walking out. Falco Lombardi… thinks they never defeat Star Wolf team.

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Falco Lombardi… wants look at girls' panties one day. The announcer laughed evilly as Kyo started to protest. I love you so much. Of course, while their bird friend was half right, the main reason for the lager bed was for the two lovers to sleep tangled in each other's arms. Anyway, this is the life.

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