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Brian Hatton Photography. How should I address the newly married couple? Swipe here for next slide. Don't EVER crash a wedding. There are some facets of wedding receptions that most same-sex couples wholeheartedly embrace, like the cake cutting, if there's cake. June If you want to know what the brides are wearing, ask.

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Botswana High Court decriminalizes homosexuality in country.

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Stick to any RSVP guidelines. Will both brides wear dresses? Show off your new union to the world by making your last name match your partner's if you want to. Even if a card says, "Here come the brides" or have two men wearing tuxedos, that still may not match the couples identity.

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If you yield to your mother's wishes, you're compromising your own; stay true to yourself, and Mom and Dad will be the miffed ones.

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