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He is passionate about Sasuke because of the bond that he created with him and won't let that bond go no matter what. In a real life, closed people getting married to protect their sexual identity or some of them thought their sexual can changed to heterosexual way. Why does it have so many downvotes? I do not watch this anime much, but I always read on sites and blogs that Naruto is gay and passionate about another character, Sasuke. He isn't openly gay, but there are gay sexual moments! The fact that whenever he sees a glimpse of him he shouts his name like a maniac doesn't make his obsession less obvious. You're right when it comes to him being passionate about Sasuke, but that is only because Naruto thinks of Sasuke as his older brother, since he himself has no family and loses someone he could call his family later in the anime.

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Is this true? Leonardo Leonardo 14 1 1. Fan fiction is a real thing and has its own reality.

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You'd be best served actually watching for yourself.

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