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Fountains of blood jerk from the necks of the men. For example, many pages on the social media, like: Archived from the original on 11 July As part of its imposition of Sharia law, ISIS punishes those who have "committed the acts of the people of [Prophet] Lot," [2] which they also refer to as "sodomy. Knowing who the enemy is has become increasingly difficult for gay people. In a number of cases, the NGO has documented gay men being subjected to excruciating and abusive anal exams by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. We never had any problems, never ever.

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Seeing people you have had casual sex with being taken in on the street, and wondering if they will take you down with them.

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For their convenience, jagged rocks have been supplied and left in small piles. Ina Syrian woman named Hiba came forward as a transgender woman who had been given permission to have a sex change operation. It is over for you. Sami counts the active accounts within Syria and finds 26 profiles in use in Raqqa. From the ranks of its own religious police force, IS is believed to have deployed undercover agents to entrap those who have been accused by others of being gay.

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A middle-aged man, handsome, grey-bearded, hands bound, is being held by his ankles from a storey building by IS thugs dressed in leather jackets and long blue tunics. For the Syrian refugees who have made it to the fragile sanctuary of the Bekaa, the journeys of exile are far from tales of liberation. Fountains of blood jerk from the necks of the men. The high-summer fields stretch towards the distant Mediterranean like a billowing patchwork quilt. IS is not the first organisation to use barbarism against LGBT people as a weapon of war, and they won't be the last.

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