Transgender fanfic

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When Hank isn't there, Connor got a case and there isn't anyone available except Gavin Reed. False heroes only hurt the image of true heroes, and everyone around them. You are so beautiful, kind, and smart. Comments and requests are always welcome! Dave Strider is transgender and absolutely hates his body.

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And she's Ricky Horror's little sister.

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General All Categories, Since: Not in Chronological Order. T - English - Chapters: I have to write a Hetalia States story with only one random word! Who knew he had a kid? It would certainly never occur to Finn to ask someone to refer to him in some other way and, huh, he needs to come back to that thought later.

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Not the fact alone, but how hard Severus fights what, at least for him, seems perfectly all right. T - English - Family - Chapters: It is kind of depressing but there are happy ones too, I'm not totally heartless. Powered by Tumblr and designed by Kcmr. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Top of Work Index. Just In All Stories:

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