Against gay marriage and terrorism

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The Coalition let him settle because he claimed to be an ex-Iranian secret service person and they liked the idea of having a turncoat from the 'enemy'. She says most people in her life don't know she was born a man. And you think the AG should be concerned with simple requests like that contained in the Monis letter? Anyway the single ones were trying to have more babies so they didn't have to have bosses. Julie's faux outrage yesterday was unedifying, when it came to covering up circumstances that should have been followed-up at the time. Why in hindsight then are we tiptoeing around the issue of how he came to be on bail?

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It does seem that federal politics has got to an almost ridiculous state.

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'Stunt after stunt': playing politics with terrorism and marriage equality

Huckabee, if you're a conservative, he's already making trips to Iowa. The Greens have similarly been in favour. He is the one that should be keeping control, but often we see him as being the catalyst. You hurt some feelings, you know? The DT would have based its story on Sharrouff's claims I presume, so there was some basis for the story. Too many conspiracy theories and too much fake outrage.

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That was extended for four months. Another Moore supporter, Texas Christian activist Steven Hotze, warned in that children would be "encouraged to practice sodomy in kindergarten" as a result of same-sex marriage. ALP ought to highlight his a bit more. More than 50 Alabama pastors signed a letter saying Moore has demonstrated "extremist values" incompatible with traditional Christianity and is unfit to serve in the Senate. Why only comments allowed on this sort of topic? The Supreme Court should come in and set them straight. These kids Roger are unlikely to wait until they grow up to sort out the govamment.

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