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All three types do just as well following sex reassignment surgery. They seem like girls, and they are very talkative and uninhibited and talk about sex all the time. Their sexual orientation can change as they shift roles, as they start living in the female gender role. Two gender roles, though, with the male presentation seeming like a guy, and the female presentation seeming the same, like the same person, but also seeming like a woman too, someone who is sort of androgynous, but not in the Michael Jackson sense--someone who is undifferentiated. Retrieved 14 August Gender disguise has been used by women and girls to pass as male, and by men and boys to pass as female.

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Conversely, some men have cross-dressed to escape from mandatory military service [11] or as a disguise to assist in political or social protest, as men did in the Rebecca Riots.

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Why is this so complicated? Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accoutrements commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society. The person for many, many years has assumed he was a garden variety crossdresser, whose crossdressing was associated with sexuality, sometimes tranquillity, but there were triggers to it. One of the things I can do for clients is be a female role model for them.

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I'm talking primarily about people who do come to therapy.

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