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Mark Sanford's South American trip from June At the same time, House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston admitted to an affair. Wait — is this article for real or satire? Commerce Department provided the details of Gov. We're South Carolina and we like to get high and fuck. Ignorance seems to be the chosen form of bliss for all republicans.

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Now you know why he cheated on this moron…imagine being stuck with an idiot like her for the rest of your life.

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Mark Sanford Vs. Cheaters (Scandal Update)

She belongs in a mental institution! So, let me get this straight. When questions persisted, Sanford's staff released a statement saying the governor was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. For that matter, I wish I could find one as beautiful and and wonderful as her. It was something along the lines of: Female barrister tells her male colleagues not 'to behave like you're on a stag do', not to joke about

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January 2, at Mark Sanford has yet to resign from office. Top Stories Teens who use cannabis at a higher risk of developing depression, suicidal behaviour: By that same logic, straight marriage would cause me to screw around on my partner with another man. In it, she recalled humorously how she argued with Sanford after discovering his affair with him proclaiming: Please reconsider what you are doing here. Give the lady a break.

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