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Legal since [58]. Which party will you vote for in coming elections for Bulgarian Parliament? Unmarried men punished with lashes of the whip or a maximum of one year of imprisonment, married men with death by stoning. Legal since as Saint-Domingue [48]. Chinese gay couple making love love 2 min Martinique Overseas department of France. He asked me if i was a doctor.

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Unequal age of consent laws for same-sex couples.

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The gay guide includes the list of gay bar, disco and cruising in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Rousse, Bourgas, map of Sofia other maps will be addedlisting of parties in Spartacus Disco. Fine to up to 7 years imprisonment Not enforced. Unregistered cohabitation since [] []. Bans all anti-gay discrimination [] []. Countries or territories that don't have homosexual "propaganda" or "morality" laws. Transgender persons can change their legal gender and name without the need for the completion of medical intervention since States which did not support either declaration.

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Female always legal [48] [77] [49]. Bans all anti-gay discrimination [] []. You can also post messages in the message board and follow useful links. Since [] [] []. No prohibition on incitement to hatred based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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