Kraft contributing to gay games

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These photos can be seen at this AFA Web site Representatives from Kraft did not return calls seeking comment. These photos contain partial nudity and lewd depictions. A nationwide protest is presently erupting, with scores of Americans calling and e-mailing Kraft, urging the company to withdraw its sponsorship of the Gay Games. I believe we can make a real impact on Kraft over the course of the next few days if everyone reading this column will take a couple of minutes to urge the company to cut off its support of Gay Games VII. Vote for your favorites in the Readers' Choice Dining Awards.

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Kraft's Gay Games Support Under Attack

In an interview with PlanetOut, Kevin G. Send me a copy of this email as well. Jussie Smollett breaks silence on 'cowardly' attack. There is no law requiring the release of tax returns. They are waiting to see if the company will reply. AFA sent an e-mail to members on Monday that read:

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The groups say that by supporting the Gay Games, Kraft and Harris Bank are in conflict with a public image that portrays the companies as family-based and conservative. Boyer, a spokesman for Chicago And many of Kraft's products are geared toward families," Mr. But stockholder Dr Marcella Meyerproject director for Chicago's Southwest Parents Committee, took exception to Kraft's involvement in a gay sporting event. I don't think moral-minded Americans understand the potential power that we wield. Critics of this protest say that it is motivated by "hate," but that's far from true.