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You have a girl's body. I understand real names were not used, but is there any way of getting in contact with the author? That was a turning point. My fear began to fade. I leaned down and quietly hissed, "This is the boys' section. I treaded water, under the diving board, ready to catch him when he jumped in. What did she just say?

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Gendered Intelligence is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

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Therapists can be a huge asset to parents because they create a safe space to process your feelings, as well as working on effective coping strategies and self-education, so that you can move forward confidently and compassionately. She was a college graduate, a great athlete, someone a hundred times more worldly and a thousand times more accepting than I was. I nervously looked around.

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Gloria Anasyrma Well that's freedom of speech for you, they censor my comments here, but let the F-Bomb by.

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