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In my settled middle-age, five years into a relationship I don't go out to gay bars too often; and never with that "ohmygodIgottagetlaid" hunger and determination of twenty ouch! Wish I would have visited NY back in those days. It was a friendly bar, contrary to what you might expect of such a tough-looking place. I was a long-time habitue, all through the 70's and back again in the 90's. There was usually a block-long line of yellow taxis out front waiting to take successful hookups off to "your place or mine. The new bar is nothing like the old.

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The existence of the Mineshaft was widely known among gays who never visited; it has been called a "mythic[al]

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Mineshaft (gay club)

One of the best parts of the rehearsals and show was that we got to hear from the people who remembered the old bar. Did you ever see "Toe Man" outside? The Eagle was a great bar with a very strict door policy. The door was manned by someone who rejected anyone wearing preppie clothes or cologne, and this was a widely known part of what made the bar influential. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bon Soir 40 West Eighth St.

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They will sit down amongst the wasp-waisted blondes and Botoxed masters of the universe, and order the cheapest thing on the menu, telling the waiter, "Tap water is fine," just because they want to be here. I thought of some long ago acquaintances who liked going here in the '70's. Short film was called "Resonance" http: This post is a special crossposting with my music blog Ile Oxumare. Venues like that don't exist in the "new" city. I've recently posted a short story about those days called "Plums" on The American friend.

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