Calif high court upholds gay marriage ban

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The court said it is well-established legal principle that an amendment is not retroactive unless it is clear that the voters intended it to apply retroactively, and there was no such clear indication in Proposition 8. At the time, California became only the second state after Massachusetts to permit same-sex marriage. It's a strange decision. Social conservatives, too, vowed to fight. Jeanne Rizzo, 62, who was one of the plaintiffs along with her wife, Pali Cooper, said:

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Moving halfway across the country clearly won't be an option for everyone, but Iowa has a low cost of living and a good quality of life.

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California high court upholds gay marriage ban

That provided some relief for the 18, gay couples who married in the brief time same-sex marriage was legal last year but that wasn't enough to dull the anger over the ruling that banned gay marriage. The California Supreme Court put us in the constitution and now they have taken us out, saying equality doesn't have to mean equal in everything. That prompted a number of states, particularly in the south, to specifically ban gay marriages. Police said the rally has been peaceful, with no arrests reported. Many same-sex couples had rushed to get married before the November vote on Proposition 8, fearing it could be passed. Inside, Ruby and Buddy announce your arrival.

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Yes we will, it will happen. A San Francisco police officer said many of the officers staffing the protest were members of the department's group for gay, lesbian and transgender police. The court said that the unions were a "basic civil right" and "an individual's sexual orientation, like a person's race or gender, does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or withhold legal rights. Because of the limited scope of the measure, he concluded, the constitution could be amended by a simple majority vote rather than requiring a more complex form of changing the constitution called a revision. What do we want, equal rights! Some of the biggest crowds were in West Hollywood and that crowd included some gay couples who got married last year during the brief time that same sex marriage was legal in California.

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