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In the first study, half the participants saw an advertisement with a male-female couple. Let me dramatize:. For example, exclusively opposite-gender attracted women show physical sexual arousal to both female and male stimuli. I identify as a butch lesbian, but I remember when I was in school, I was attracted to both boys and girls. Whether a person can or cannot change their sexual orientation is entirely irrelevant; reality is what it is and is not determined by a popular vote, but is instead elucidated by empirical study via appropriate scientific methods, and the real situation is entirely unaffected by whether religionists fervently wish sexual orientation to be a choice so as to legitimize their persecution of it, or whether the gay person wishes it to be biologically fixed so he can avoid same. Difficult discussion.

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On the other hand, the gay man has no right to assert authority over the believer regarding his personal beliefs either, just as the believer has no right to demand a say in the gay man's believes or responses to the beliefs of others.

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January 26, at 6: The content of the website by swissinfo. So, yes, finding stronger ground is important.

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