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If you have a socially responsible business model, Pipeline is a great start. But conventional wisdom is wrong. Gaingels is a profit-focused, mission-based affinity organization a networking group of investors which offers venture-stage investment opportunities into companies worldwide that have at least one LGBT founder, senior C-level executive, or board member. We are open to investing in every sector, including education, work, finance, justice, food, and health. Gaingels provided a perfect opportunity for him to "pay it forward. So common experience is something that can bridge a gap between people.

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Their positive approach to our business, as well as their extensive network, have been a huge help.

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Gay & Lesbian Market Angel Investors

This pattern repeats across many states that are more progressive, despite the higher costs and often-stricter business regulations found there. We will advise, but prefer to help structure, implement and execute. This will not happen until and unless entrepreneurs are willing to self-identify, and until more research is done to establish that the LGBT community belongs in the diversity conversation. Backstage Capital is backed by Anthemis Group who at its foundation is dedicated to diversity. In the absence of a strong network of LGBT investors, there is a gap of common experience. We also spoke with 10 founders who had chosen to obtain outside capital and asked them about the relationships they had with their investors. Paul has my strongest recommendation as a business partner.

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But our analysis suggests that being LGBT may impact the amount of money an entrepreneur is able to raise. It will be a long-lasting relationship not to be taken lightly. Pipeline Angels Funding If you have a socially responsible business model, Pipeline is a great start. Progress towards diversity in entrepreneur funding is happening, yet continues to be slow. But, black and Latina women are the fastest-growing set of entrepreneurs in the USA.

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