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Gays should mind their own business and stop pushing their immorality on others. It has increasingly gotten worse now in some communities. America was a solid force to reckon with. This is not where I expected to be at It should be recognized by all followers of Christ, of their corruption of it's beauty. Mine ended up in a psychiatric unit for 2 months before he could tell me. I am the other side of your situation, i have just outed myself to my husband and after some time to reflect he has begged us not to separate.

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We manufactured most everything here upon our shores.

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We think it's just us but a real eye opener to discover this situation is more common than we think. They are a specialist service and they will help. My friend was telling me how her beloved partner was burnt before she met her. A right that parents here in America gave up a long time ago. You ARE a wonderful person. I met her when my spirit was completely broken anyway and she kicked it to the curb and spat on it. But it has shown me I can do things independently of my husband.

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The way you have handled this tells me you are an amazing mum, partner and person. Others who have not experienced this may not understand how you can still stand by,but true love accepts. Please pardon me for coming late to your thread, however reading though it I see an honest and caring person being driven so far as to want to kill herself. The rainbow colors are the colors of God's promise to Noah and all of us. But I think it is much more common to continue hiding it, burying it, and conforming. Can't you people leave us alone? I am going to try counselling, but we have so much to work through.

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